Matthew F. Amati

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Stopped writing stories this summer. It’s because something new and large is in the works. To be announced shortly. Some stragglers continue to come in. Stories in The Fabulist and the Missing Pieces anthology should be appearing soon.

A few rejections lately, but one good acceptance today. I’m trying to move away from flash pieces and write longer-form. It’s harder – both to write longer pieces, and to place them. Pages must be turned. Interest must be held. On the reading front, I finished Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War. I wanted to like …

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I’ve got two stories coming out in two magazines.  Both publications label the forthcoming issues “winter issue.” That’s fitting; I’ve had “winter issues” since I was a kid. I hate snow, hate cold, and complain eloquently and bitterly every time I have to scrape ice off my car. “Defender of the Flesh” will be appearing …

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