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November 17, 2019

Like the dead half of a half-dead Monoceros, this book is unreliable. It misnames minor demons. It recommends the wrong voltage for the cyclotron. It esteems Gluck over Buxtehude. There are more things in its philosophy than are dreamt of in Heaven and Earth. . Toss this book aside, and don’t read HARP FOR A BROKEN HAND. (Or contact the author to obtain a copy.)

Capitalism, technology, and industry come to a sticky end in LOOMPALAND. Madcap, postmodern, and chockablock with puns, wordplay and gross candies, LOOMPALAND turns Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory inside-out and sets it on fire.  This acidly ironic inversion of Roald Dahl’s iconic tale is shot through with trenchant commentary and images of hilarity and terror

 A lethargic student hides in his room halfheartedly composing a fantasy epic. Friends pop in and out of the window to add their own chunks of text, which adapt themselves to an hilarious and surprising fictional universe. Ship-swallowing whales, riddling rodents, zookeepers, detectives, and moon-men all conspire to keep the flatware-fashioned Kakoskolos from finding the Voluminous Encyclopedia’s missing volume X and restoring Xorp to the world.

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