Armadillocon III

Much to get caught up on, since ARMADILLOCON is over and I am back in my chaotic hideyhole. Networking, panels, workshops, poetry about chupacabras and roadkill, robots, vampires, gravity — it was a maelstrom of nerdy nirvana. Thanks to Dave Chang of Space Squid for the generous hospitality and for introducing me around to the community. It was great to be around people who are submitting to the same markets, facing the same dilemmas (how do you develop a character arc for a robot?) and starting their own interstitial avocation singularities. I feel renewed and reset.

Then it was off to Utah, where the warm and warped Elizabeth Swanstrom and Scott Svatos showed me where the tops of mountains are. We doctored old children’s books into obscene lovecraftian surgery texts, drank buckets of good coffee, stood in awe of the Mormon Spaceship.

I am home. Back at work. But horrible plots are afoot…watch this space…

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