Publishing in the 21st Century

The world of words is changing! A writer has to adapt! The food leaves on the backs of trucks, go catch a truck! With your teeth! Outside your study window the kudzu sprouts human hands! Give the kudzu a High Five! Go With The Flow! Who moved your cheese? You got Likes! A Good Day! Forget the magazines! The Money is in Hollywood! Take a Poo And Share It! Like Like Like!  Great Deals On Brand Name Shampoo! Get in that swivel chair and Swivel! Oxygen ain’t free no more!  Human Greed for Dummies! Sex for Dummies! Pointless Existence for the Complete Idiot! There’s a Hay Rake between my Shoulders! Death Prefers a Hyundai! The World is changing, fool! But take comfort! The Universe is the same as ever – vast, empty, and oblivious to your best efforts to craft the perfect olive bread…

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