The Meeting

Wonka will be here in five.

On the phone with the mayor of Tashkent

Wonka will be here in four. Three. Two.

The proposal needs to be ready

The spreadsheets. Laurie has them.

The plan. The proposal. The numbers.

It’s brilliant

It’ll never work

Corn don’t boil that way.

Sap don’t strain.

Cream don’t clump.

No one will buy it.

Tastes like violets.

Tastes like road.

Total clusterfuck.


R&D needs more time.

More budget.

More staff.

More balls.

Focus group hated it.

Focus group barfed.

Focus group died. (Difficult, the cover-up.)

Frosting don’t stick.

Filling leaks out.

Glues your teeth together.

Holes in your tongue

Causes tumors in rats.

Seizures in hogs.

Depression in Nepalese banded yaks.

Fades wallpaper.

Pits concrete.

Melts in your hand.

Then it cancerates yer appendix.

Slugworth came out with his own version.

Total blockbuster.

Sugworth’s beating us.

Slugworth sales thru the roof

Slugworth got the jump on us.

Damn Slugworth.

Owns half of Congress.

Regulations are killing us.

Better figure something out

Wonka won’t like it

Wonka will roll heads

Wonka will have our peckers

He’s coming.

Get the spreadsheets

Get the charts

Get the tiki idol

Burn the incense

Spread the soft cloths

Perfume the air like the court of Samarkand

He comes.

Author: mattamati

Nothing remarkable to report. Born in suburbs. Diffidently educated. Used to do other jobs, now he does this one. Fancies self a writer.

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