Do Not Publish – Kill It With Fire #2

From my sure-to-be-a-smash-hit Dystopian YA novel:

DIFFERENTER by Yolanda Purplean (my pen name)

I am a student in School 19. I am in the Eighth Grade. We line up in the pale grey dawn light for inspection. Ms. Smith, our Educator, inspects us.
“Jones, Bob,” she intones. “Registered as a Jock. Where is your sports-team-branded forehead badge?”
Jones, Bob stutters. “L-left it at home, Miz Smith.”
Mrs. Smith frowns. “Failure to Conform! Report to the Beatery for a Beating.” We avert our eyes as the SWATS escort Jones, Bob away.
The Inspection continues. “Williams, Joan. Registered as a Creative. Blake, Sarah. Registered as a Studier. Park, Lana. Registered as a Fashionista.”
Ms. Smith comes to me. “Freespirita, Katpeacenik. What are you Registered as? I don’t see an Affiliation on your dossier!”
I hold my head high as I reply. “Ms. Smith. I do not conform to your…categories!”
“REBEL!” our Educator shrieks. “NONCONFORMIST! To the Beatery with you! And then to the Starvery! And then…if you will not Conform…away with you to the Tortury!”
The SWATS lead me away in the chill morning wind. All the other students avert their eyes. She is Different, they think. She doesn’t fit in.
I’m in tears. No one understands me. What I am is Bad. And now I’ll be punished.
Blam! The SWATS double over and fall to the ground. A handsome boy with a cleft chin wearing camouflage puts his hand on my shoulder.
“Katpeacenik!” he shouts. “We’re the Outsiders! Come, join our rebel group! We’ll bring this conformist society to its knees!”
“NOOOOO!” Ms. Smith shouts, but they’ve already whisked me away to their underground HQ….

Author: mattamati

Nothing remarkable to report. Born in suburbs. Diffidently educated. Used to do other jobs, now he does this one. Fancies self a writer.

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