New ideas, stupid moves…

Finally back in the saddle after months of pandemic inactivity. Nine stories out for submission, one shortlisted already.

Flash Fiction Online is shortly going to release their 100th issue. Congrats to the editorial staff for putting out a quality magazine for short fiction, and paying writers a professional rate. I did an interview about my past FFO stories which will be up shortly, and also created a “reading video” for “To Comfort The Headless Child” also forthcoming on the site.

Beatles Anthology

My story “Apocalypse Rock” is in print, in a far-out googoogajoob anthology of trippy Beatles fantasies, alongside stories by David Gerrold, Cat Rambo, and others.


“This collection is a Magical Mystery Tour through alternate universes where the familiar narrative of the Beatles is turned on its head. Or ear. Or ass. It’s fun, irreverent, sexy, and twisted–just like the Fab Four themselves.” –Vicki Peterson, The Bangles

Publishers Weekly says: “Ranging from trippy fantasy to hard science fiction and zombie apocalypse mash-up, the stories in this anthology send the members of the Beatles on wild adventures through alternate timelines and universes…”



It’s been a quiet six months for short stories, as I’ve been working on the novel and not submitting.

However, two longform stories of mine will be appearing later this year:

The Invention of Everything” in Dragon Roots’ Missing Pieces X. Forthcoming September 2019.

Apocalypse Rock” in Across the Universe: A Beatles-Themed What-If Speculative Fiction Anthology. Coming December 2019.